Hi! My name is Ismael Barajas.

I'm a year old senior student at California State University, Fullerton. Expected to graduate in May 2022 with an B.S. in Computer Science. When I'm not coding, I enjoy playing video games (unhealthy amount of Valorant) and building/collecting keyboards.

As of late I've taken an interest in Front End developing with React also into Back End development. You can check out some of the projects I have worked on below! I would say I'm most proficient with React, JavaScript/JSX, Python, and C++. I'm also familiar with other languages as well, such as C. I wouldn't consider myself a Front End Developer just yet because it's very early in my career and interests change over time. So who knows what other projects, languages, and career opportunities await!

Feel free to contact me anytime through any of the platforms below!

Thanks for stopping by!


Front-End Developer - Internship

Jul 2021 - Current

Agile startup project environment with small team of developers. Developed web and mobile user interfaces for desktop web. Developed interfaces/user experiences for over a hundred React components/layouts.



Personal website built with Next.js. Hosted and deployed on Vercel.


Twitter like Micro-Blogging Service

Users can post messages, repost messages, view global messages, see a timeline of messages from other users, narrow timelines to consist of only users they are following, follow or unfollow users, update user profile info, see who you are following and who is following you, like messages, create polls, and view/respond to polls. Asynchronous messaging queues are used for Asynchronous Posting and performing background processing using workers.



Predict and assign a 'quality' score rating to a bottle of wine


Next Fire Application

A Full-stack Social Blogging Platform. A part of Next.js Firebase Course project.



A web application project created with the idea of being able to easily search up or share someone's Github repository history in a consolidated view.


COVID-19 Watch

A 'COVID-Tracker' website that includes updated COVID-19 related information and visuals such as graphs and a map to depict the data.



Personal website built with React, Bootstrapped with Create React App. Hosted/Deployed with Firebase.



Website where users can create and take quizzes. Built using Flask, Python, and SQLite.